My name is Gwen and this is my blog documenting my struggles with Trichotillomania, or Trich for short.

I started pulling out my own hair in middle school. Absentmindedly in English class I would twist and twirl long or irregular pieces of hair until they came out at the root. It Wasn’t until I started noticing the neat little piles of hair on top of my backpack that started to appear towards the end of every class period, did I think that I may have a problem. I’ve pulled my own hair out in varying degrees of severity throughout my life, mostly relating to periods of higher stress or uncertainty.

Now in my late 20s and after experiencing a particularly bad flareup over the last year, I am ready to make some serious changes. This blog will document my efforts to manage, reduce, and ultimately stop my hair pulling behavior.

I hope that I can connect with and help other people who are also struggling with Trichotillomania.

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